Stop Your Pain With Oral Surgery in Oakland

You want to keep your smile healthy for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when oral surgery in Oakland is needed to protect your dental health for the long term. When you need a tooth extraction, you’ll want the help of our expert team at Laurel Smile Dentistry. We can:

  • Put a stop to your dental pain
  • Protect healthy teeth from damage or disease
  • Prepare your mouth for important procedures
  • Put you on the right track for good oral health

Call 510-983-7444 for an appointment. Join our VIP Membership Club for savings on dental care, including extractions. We have a variety of membership options to meet your unique needs!

Trust Our Team With Your Oral Surgical Needs

It’s our goal that you won’t need to visit outside specialists, like another oral surgeon, for your dental needs. At our practice, we primarily perform extractions. If you need a more complex surgical procedure like bone grafting for implants, we may refer you to another doctor.

Rest assured, we perform extractions only when necessary. A few common reasons for tooth removal include:

  • Reduce overcrowding before you begin your aligner treatment
  • Remove remaining unhealthy teeth so you can get your dentures
  • Protect other healthy teeth from infection

We’d much rather save your tooth. We encourage you to visit us regularly for dental cleanings and exams. These services help avoid an extraction and keep your smile in great shape.

Restore Your Smile With Our Replacement Teeth Options

Once we have extracted your tooth, we offer many restoration options if needed to complete the gaps in your smile. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Sibhatu is an expert on rebuilding smiles. You can receive:

  • A Single Crown With an Implant – If you’ve lost just one tooth, we can replace it with a crown that’s secured by an implant.
  • Dental Bridge – We can replace one tooth or several teeth with a bridge that anchors to nearby healthy teeth or to implants.
  • Dentures – We have several dentures options if you need an entire arch of teeth replaced, including implant dentures. We also have partial dentures if you have some healthy teeth.

If you need oral surgery, call 510-983-7444 for an appointment if you’re a new patient. Existing patients can call 510-240-7264. We’re open Saturdays to fit in with your busy schedule! You can also request an appointment online.