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Avoid Dental Damage With Mouthguards in Oakland

Whether you grind your teeth or struggle with sleep apnea, you need a certain type of oral appliance that will protect your smile and give you much-needed relief. At Laurel Smile Dentistry, we offer several types of mouthguards in Oakland to suit your needs. By getting a custom oral appliance made just for you, you will:

  • Avoid the damage caused by grinding your teeth
  • Sleep throughout the night with ease
  • Prevent painful and expensive dental emergencies
  • Improve your oral and overall health

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Protect Your Smile With Custom-Fit Mouthguards

While there are many mouthguards and oral appliance options in the store or online, they don’t compare to a custom-made mouthguard. When you visit us for your mouthguard, you can expect many benefits such as:

  • Customized design that fits comfortably inside of your mouth
  • Durable material that lasts longer than anything purchased from a store
  • A unique oral appliance created for your specific needs

We start out with an examination to determine which kind of mouthguard you’ll need. We offer a few different kinds:

  • TMJ SplintIf you have a TMJ disorder or grind your teeth, we’ll create a splint that will act as a barrier between your teeth. It will allow your jaw to heal and prevent further damage to your smile.
  • Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance – If you snore or struggle with a sleep apnea disorder, our sleep apnea appliance will keep your airways open during the night. This will allow you to sleep through the night without interruption and wake up feeling refreshed.

As your partner in dental care, we invest in our patients. We use modern technology such as digital X-rays and digital impressions. By capturing impressions of your teeth digitally, you avoid trays of messy goop. It’s ideal for patients with sensitive gag reflexes!

We’d love to meet with you to discuss your options for mouthguards in Oakland. New patients can call 510-983-7444 to schedule an appointment with our team. Existing patients should call 510-240-7264. We have Saturday appointments available for your convenience.

Common Questions About Mouthguards

Can mouthguards help with TMJ problems?

Yes, and in fact, custom mouthguards are one of the most common, conservative solutions for TMJ disorder and teeth grinding. Because these oral devices fit over your upper and lower teeth, they keep you from involuntarily clenching and grinding your teeth together while you sleep. This can alleviate the pressure on your jaw, reduce painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, allow the joint to heal naturally, and protect your tooth enamel from damage.

How are mouthguards made?

For any oral appliance to fit well and work effectively, it needs to be customized to the precise measurements of your mouth. Mass-produced ones from drugstores, for example, will never fit comfortably or provide a sufficient solution you need for teeth grinding or sleep apnea. We can create a mouthguard that allows you to move, breathe, and communicate easily while keeping your smile intact.

How does a mouthguard work for snoring?

Snoring is often caused when your airway becomes obstructed during the night. Your tongue or other soft tissues relax and block your airway, impeding your breathing. A custom-made mouthguard moves your jaw forward into a position that keeps your airway clear. This not only stops snoring but makes it easier for you to breathe throughout the night.

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