Show Off a Gorgeous Smile With Gum Reshaping in Oakland

Your gums play the important role of holding your teeth in place and protecting your tooth roots. However, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. You may feel self-conscious if you show too much gumline when you smile. Gum reshaping in Oakland can help you achieve an even tooth-to-gum ratio. As a result, you can:

  • Smile with ease instead of embarrassment
  • Show off beautiful teeth instead of gums
  • Ditch your closed-lip grin
  • Love how you look in photos
  • Enjoy social situations without feeling self-conscious

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Recontour Your Gumline for an Attractive Smile

Studies have shown that gummy smiles are seen as less attractive than smiles with a more balanced appearance. Since your smile has a big impact on those around you, you want to leave the best possible impression. For your gummy smile treatment, we’ll use a safe and gentle laser to reposition your gumline so more of your teeth’s surface shows when you smile.

You’ll enjoy many benefits thanks to our use of lasers, such as:

  • Painless Treatment – The biggest benefit to using lasers is that it’s virtually painless. You shouldn’t feel a thing while we perform this procedure.
  • Minimal Dental Sounds – Many patients with dental anxiety hate the sounds of the dentist. Lasers offer a quiet way to get the treatment you need.
  • Quicker Healing – With no incisions needed, you can expect a faster healing process and a reduced risk for infection after your laser procedure.

You may be interested in pursuing other cosmetic treatments as well. We’d love to discuss what’s possible for your smile! You can whiten your teeth, hide imperfections with bonding or veneers, or straighten your teeth with clear aligners. You can even make over your whole smile with several treatments at once.

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